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 Channel Rules!

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PostSubject: Channel Rules!   Channel Rules! Icon_minitimeThu Nov 15, 2007 7:55 pm

Channel #Lodge Chat Rules !

A few common sense rules are in place in order to maintain an enjoyable experience for everyone. we must try to keep our chat channel “clean”. Behavior that does not promote a friendly and comfortable chat is discouraged.

We have several friendly channel operators that stop by the channel on a regular basis. Operators are identified by @ next to their name. Ops are channel managers who monitor the channel and enforce the channel rules. Feel free to ask the Ops for help anytime.

Bots (robots) are sometimes present in the channel. A bot is a software program, not a person, that performs helpful tasks. These tasks generally include channel management, logging and a seenbot. Our bot usually appears as an Op with the @ symbol by their names. Only members granted permission by channel admin may run bots in the channel. Unauthorized bots and their owners will be kicked and/or banned. Currently there are two authorized channel bots - Rubicon and Saksi.

The languages primarily spoken in #philippines are Tagalog and English. We encourage you to chat in these languages so that all may enjoy the spirited chats and no one is left out . Conversations in other languages / dialects should be carried out in private chat.

Harassment of visitors or operators / Trolling / Offensive and vulgar language / Racism, discrimination or sexual depravity of any kind / Impersonation of other users are prohibited in the channel.

Flooding (text, nick-changing, or join floods) / Spamming and unsolicited advertising are prohibited in the channel.

The use of colored pop-ups, bold letters, CAPS, 1337 5p33k (“Leet Speak”), or script playing are prohibited in the channel.

Failure to follow the channel rules may result in a warning, kick, temporary ban or permanent ban from the channel. More serious matters will be reported to channel services.

There are no age restrictions in channel #philippines; anyone from any age group may chat in our channel. The channel is usually moderated by our operators. Problems and question may be posted on this message board .

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PostSubject: Re: Channel Rules!   Channel Rules! Icon_minitimeFri Nov 23, 2007 9:22 am

Should be read by everyone especially the channel Operators.

1. Only 10 operators are allowed to have @ in their Nicks
2. Use of offensive/swear words will not be tolerated.
3. Maximum 3 days for ban.
4. No kicking of fellow OPs. In the case an OP violated a rule, a fellow OP should warn him/her and take note of the offenses. This should be brought up in every meeting.
5. No channel access shall be given to anyone. All operator applicants shall post in the ops application section in this forum.
6. For OPs who are caught violating the rules will be given 1 week suspension, if proven guilty on first offense. Second offense will be removal of access.
7. Before unbanning someone, please consult the OP who banned that chatter.
8. If you are to kick someone, please kick with a reason.
9. Advertising is strictly not allowed.
10. Color scripts are also not allowed.
11. Flooders should be kicked and and permanently banned.
12. MP3 are not allowed.
13. Only 1 seen bot is allowed.
14. Minimize the use of /me and /ame in the channel.
15. OPs who are on away mode should deop themselves.
16. Use of dialects are applicable only to those who understands. Otherwise use English or Tagalog.
17. OPs should always be friendly. Especially to newbies.
18. These rules are applicable to all. No excuses. No exemptions

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PostSubject: Re: Channel Rules!   Channel Rules! Icon_minitimeTue Dec 04, 2007 8:06 pm

The rules are in place to help maintain an environment in which information can be easily shared and observed. Failure to comply, will result in the offending party being removed from the channel.

1: Please, no discussion of warez, denial of service attacks (d0s),Nuking, carding, how do I hack any free email account, and just other lame and dumb crap. We are a prevention channel, you want to talk about that lame garbage, take it elsewhere.

2: Please, don`t come in to the channel, and ask for or expect ops. That is called op begging and those of us who have taken the time to earn them resent it, and you will be kicked out. You must earn ops, just like the rest of us.

3: Please, don`t scroll graphics or other lame crap in the channel. It moves fast enough without that kind of stuff.

4: No advertising in the channel topic or in the channel. If we allowed it from one, we would have to allow it from all, and we don`t want to become known as the ad channel.

5: No Flooding, maligning, racism, etc. Do NOT use racist terms and slurs either. That leads to fights, and impedes learning. Remember, Harassment=BAN

6: When New People come in seeking help and knowledge, don`t make fun of them or kick them. We all started from the beginning, and were newbies when we started on our quest for knowledge.

7: If you have experience and or mastery in a certain area, try to assist those who ask questions in those areas. It is rude to just ignore people when you know the answer because you consider them newbies.

8: If there is a problem in the channel, do NOT try to handle it alone. Log the problem and contact one of the admin's. They are the Senior Channel administrator and are here to help.

9: You must gain some of your own knowledge through research and reading what is suggested. No one here has the time to mentor you, but we will answer your SPECIFIC questions when we are able, and present. Just ask the question, don`t ask if you can ask, as it is annoying.
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PostSubject: Re: Channel Rules!   Channel Rules! Icon_minitime

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Channel Rules!
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